Black & Brown Faces Virtual Event Oct 23-25

Black & Brown Faces

October 23 - 25

Curating conversations through art. Join us for an uplifting and artistic experience that expresses the emotions and shares the story of Black & Brown Faces through the lens and art of those who live it. We encourage organic conversations while glaring at incredible visual art with open minds & hearts all for the good of mental health & wellness. This event is free for the community.

Our Partners: Greater Cincinnati Foundation, ArtsWave, My Black is Beautiful St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Besomebody Inc., AGAR and Cincinnati Art Museum

Streaming Live: 

Friday October 23th, 6:45pm - 9pm EST
Saturday October 24th,  1pm - 3:30pm EST 
Sunday October 25th, 1pm - 3:30pm EST 
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